Jack Rivlin – Editor-in-Chief

Uni: Cambridge, City

Jack founded The Tab at Cambridge with George, below, after falling out of love with the existing student papers.

Following a stint DJing in the depths of the Amazon, Jack returned to these shores a new man – a man with a vision for the future of the British media.

He heads up the editorial side of The Tab – so it’s his fault you’re reading this.

Finest hour: CUSU condoms sabotaged. He also did numerous Telegraph Blogs and got an Evening Standard front page once, but he’s “prouder of the connies scoop”.

George Marangos-Gilks – CEO

Uni: Cambridge

Like his fellow Greek Prometheus who brought fire to mankind, George brightened the world of students when he and Jack founded The Tab in 2009.

George co-ordinates every non-editorial aspect of The Tab with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.

Kangaroos love him, and you will too.

Finest hour: Oi, Churchill! What’s all this about police brutality?

Matt McDonald – Deputy Editor


Not his dog

Uni: Exeter

After his friend Brad introduced him to Jack and George as a penniless second-year, Matt assumed the helm of The Tab (then The Drop) at Exeter.

He headed it up for 18 months and didn’t really develop his prospects much, so was offered a full-time job at Tab HQ naturally. A real Dick Whittington narrative.

Finest hour: The internationally acclaimed Blowmeo and Juliet – which featured in several national papers, the New York Daily News, French Closer magazine and on Japanese TV.

Grace Vielma – Deputy Editor


Uni: Manchester

Juggling the editorship of Manchester’s Tab with her secret life as an absolute legend was no mean feat for Grace.

Since graduating in 2013, she’s helped cultivate The Tab’s expansion to unchartered territories with her no-nonsense northern attitude and excellent phone manner.

Finest hour: He wants to stone gay people to death…so why are British universities showering the Sultan of Brunei with awards?

Tom Jenkin – News Editor


Uni: Nottingham, Nottingham Trent

Tom Jenkin breaks news stories like that girl in the year above breaks hearts.

Having first edited The Tab in Nottingham, he balanced studying for his NCTJ with working part-time as a managing editor at HQ.

His favourite past-times include spitting in public and playing darts.

Finest hour: Incensed bouncer who pepper sprayed hated Jeremy Kyle on Magaluf strip warns he’ll do it again

Harry Shukman – News Editor


Uni: Cambridge

Hailing from the Tab where it all began, Harry chose to break up the chaos of studying at Cambridge with a relaxing year abroad in Cairo during the Arab Spring.

If news-hounds were a real breed of dog, Harry would win Crufts.

Finest hour: Soiled! Titchmarsh show producer causes sexist stir

Craig O’Callaghan – Special Projects Editor


Uni: Bristol

Craig loitered around Bristol for so long after uni that he thought he may as well set up The Tab’s most anarchic wing in his spare time.

Much of what Craig does now is top secret – rest assured he does it well though.

Finest hour: Exposed: Shocking homophobia within the Christian Union

Rachel Donald – Assistant Editor



Uni: Aberdeen

You know that scene in Pulp Fiction when John Travolta shoots adrenaline straight into Uma Thurman’s heart? That’s what this Scot did when she took over The Tab in Aberdeen.

Now she does it full-time at Tab HQ. A bona fide skull-cracker.

Finest hour: NUS delegate has SEVEN-person orgy in lunch break

Roisin Lanigan – Assistant Editor


Uni: Queen’s University Belfast

Roisin claims the honour of editing The Tab’s first overseas site.

If that wasn’t enough, she’s also dominated the national site’s features section over the last year – mostly by interviewing people from the internet subcultures of which she’s a member.

Finest hour: Meet the student Bronies: The male students obsessed with My Little Pony

Cat Reid – Assistant Editor

Uni: Liverpool

In her first email into The Tab, Cat mis-spelled the word ‘enquiring’. She’s never quite forgiven herself, and has worked ludicrously hard as news editor, editor and now assistant editor in what she sees as some warped form of penance.

Finest hour: Homophobia on campus: The harsh reality

Sam Dean – Assistant Editor


Uni: Nottingham

Sam Dean makes a weekly sacrifice to the Aztec god of keenness. In return, he acts as its agent on this mortal plane, spreading enthusiasm and a willingness to learn wherever he sets foot.

You would be wise to heed his words.

Finest hour: ‘The only idiot in the room is me’ – Fisher makes red-faced apology

Ryan Barrell – Social Media Manager & Pictures Editor


Uni: Exeter

The mouthpiece through which The Tab speaks, it’s rumoured that Ryan’s middle initial is ‘#’.

Ryan also masters the dark arts of Photoshop and is so rugged that even his beard has a beard.

Finest hour: Tips from the bar: How not to get served

Alex Whyte – Commercial Director

Uni: Bristol

The lean, mean, fat-reducing selling machine.

Fun fact: Alex regularly attends a gymnasium.

George Herbert – Media Director

Uni: Bristol

The ice to Alex’s fire, George was once described as ‘quite cool’ by someone else at Bristol.

It’s on the third line of his CV.

Brad Vanstone – Experiential Director


Uni: Exeter

Brad’s been making people happy for the last 23 years, and we’re glad he’s now decided to do it on behalf of The Tab.

Spent most of his time as a student running club nights and doing his hair. Also owns one of those Libertines jackets that people like.