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  • The Queen

    The only picture in this article of any female candidate is a cartoon with her tats out. Real nice job Tab.

    • twatty

      yor an idiot

    • Jackie Fisher

      Yeah mate! I don’t think that’s actually her!

  • Jon

    Aw, the kids are playing politics again. Vote for the candidates whose names you haven’t seen splattered across a banner or t-shirt by the end of the campaign. They’re probably the only ones in it for the right reasons.

  • Georga

    So begins the battle for a cushty £17k a year grad job, with the assessment centre being a popularity contest. Lovely.

  • peter mallorie

    I always go to fab sober, easier to pick up the woman. #petes toptips

  • Dani

    Try working there! That can be your next challenge…