Leeds students caught shagging in the library

Students grab a naughty study break between the bookshelves on level 12.

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare – trying to work in the library and getting distracted by loud noises.

So imagine one student’s horror when she overheard a couple having noisy sex in Leeds Uni’s Edward Boyle Library.

edward boyle1

The third year student turned to Facebook for help:

library shag 1

She added: “I think they’re really near me but I don’t know where, I’m too scared to look. They keep laughing periodically and sssh-ing each other.”

But the situation escalated.

library shag 2

When asked if she was certain what the two students were up to, Kirsty said:

library shag 3

The status gained almost 100 likes and even the spoof Edward Boyle Facebook profile got involved:


But unsurprisingly a University spokesperson was quick to spoil the fun, saying: “We would hope our students would behave in a way that is responsible and respectful.”

Have you heard similar noises in the library? Do you know of a happy couple, unafraid of adventurous locations? Let us know in the comments.

  • Anonymous

    This is a terribly written article.

    • English teacher

      *This article is terribly written

    • eyeball paul

      In what way is it terribly written? Please explain

  • Naomi

    You are incredible! so proud of you Sarah!! keep it up, you are an inspiration!!

  • Evie

    Amazing. This is really damn incredible. So brave to write about it so openly. Well done you and good luck :) x

  • Victoria Finan

    I could not be prouder. Well done Sarah, you are so brave to have written this xx

  • Bec

    So proud of you, you deserve so much happiness. Hope your recovery is going well. x

  • Anon

    I’d never considered it a problem. I feel guilty when I eat, I make myself vomit when I eat a lot and I’m uncomfortable with my appearence, my weight’s improved over the years, I’ve been underweight – and though my friends told me I looked ill, that’s what I aimed for. I feel depressed that I don’t look ill, and it’s not that I don’t know how fucked up that is, I really do. Society liked me better when I was underweight, but realistically, what they liked was my self confidence. What this article opened my eyes to is how blinkered my vision is, and how messed up society is/I am that my self esteem takes a battering because my BMI is 19.5 and not 17. Something I need to sort out.

    Thank you

    • Sarah-Joy Wickes

      Hi, I’m glad that the article was helpful for you. I am very familiar with the feelings you’ve described (Being told how old you ill is a compliment, and you’re in competition with others to be the most unwell), and whilst I understand where those feelings come from, I can assure you that you don’t have to feel that way. It’s an open offer that you’re more than entitled to decline, but please do feel free to add me and message me on facebook if you want to talk more about this. There is definitely a sort of automatic affinity between ED sufferers, and if I can be more help to you then just let me know.

      - Sarah-Joy

  • Sarah-Joy Wickes

    Thank you, firstly, to all those who have read and shared my article. It’s been fantastically received, and has hopefully raised awareness of EDs and been of some use to others who might be reading with a similar perspective.

    Secondly, if you are curious about recovery, then you can get in touch with the Norfolk Eating Disorder Service through a referral from your GP. We’re very lucky that in Norwich we have some of the best support for eating disorders available in the UK, and the staff as the UEA Medical Centre are fantastic. They are fully aware of the prevalence of EDs, depression and other mental health issues amongst students, and will help you as best they can.

    I understand that recovery is a big step. It has to be your own choice. I would also like to say, to anyone reading this, that I am happy to answer emails or messages on facebook and talk about these issues.

  • Harrison Gow

    It was me & Claudia Rollinson. I finger bang her every week because im really sick at getting with people. #imfuckingcool

    • amandalu862

      I know who you are Harrison and Claudia

    • amandalu862

      I have seen you

  • Harrison Gow

    I am the annoying type he keeps on talking about making a gold rush list when in fact id rather finger my bum for a week

  • Cecil B. Gullible

    Good one guys

  • Just wondering

    Would this really be enough to bring down dear Fab?

  • Tom Griffiths

    The worstly written and most boring article I think I have ever read…

    • Lol

      worstly written?

  • Sarah-Joy Wickes

    Thank you, Sophie :) xxx