Ban Blurred Lines, says NUS

NUS Women’s Officers brand Robin Thicke’s hit song “offensive and dangerous”

The NUS has called for a nationwide ban on Robin Thicke’s number one hit Blurred Lines, after five student unions refused to play the rapey track.

In a joint statement with her Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish colleagues, Women’s Officer Kelley Temple branded the song “deeply offensive and dangerous”.

Rapey..Blurred Lines has been banned at six unis.

Rapey..Blurred Lines has been banned at six unis.

The news comes after Edinburgh, Leeds, Kingston, Derby and West Scotland Universities all banned Blurred Lines, which includes lyrics like: “I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two.”

In the statement, the Women’s Officers said: “We, as the Women’s Officers of NUS across the UK and the Nations, would like to make our position clear. We consider “Blurred Lines” to be deeply offensive and dangerous. The idea that consent is a ‘blurry’ concept is outrageous. It reinforces the shameful way sexual assault is often represented in the media and wider popular culture.

Kelley Temple branded the song "Offensive and dangerous".

Kelley Temple branded the song “Offensive and dangerous”.

“We applaud Edinburgh, Derby, University West of Scotland, Leeds and all the other Students’ Unions that have taken this brave step and encourage others to do the same. This small action will make a big difference to challenging a culture that should not exist in our lifetime.”

Blurred Lines was the second fastest selling record of 2013 in the UK, spending five weeks at the top of the charts.

  • Go NUS!

    Congratulations on your successful efforts to keep Blurred Lines under the spotlight and in the charts. I was hoping I’d get to stop hearing it soon.

  • What about

    Every other song with offensive lyrics that gets played. Maybe the music police from the NUS should ban those too.

  • Georgio Sabbatico

    The NUS is an irrelevance, desperate to justify its existence with reactionary crap like this.

  • Feminism is for

    girls who want to be treated equally to the hot ones.

    • sorry but

      human nature doesn’t work that way. The majority of people are going to be biased towards to people they think are attractive and have high social status.

      I know Adorno and Horkheimer told you that if you want the world to be a certain way then you should just pretend that it is and complain until it comes true, but they were both mentally handicapped.

  • But it’s such

    a good song.

  • What

    does ‘Ban’ mean. That I cant play that song in my room?

  • Anonymous

    ULU won’t play it either

  • Anonymous

    Freedom of speech is a human right, until the feminists stick their beaks in. cluckcluckcluck.

  • Tits make clicks

    Well, that’s another day of airplay, and of newspapers (including the Tab) being able to justify putting Emily Ratajkowski’s breasts slap bang in the middle of their ‘news’ pages. Top work on the Streisand effect, NUS, and good work on the clickbait, Tab!

    • male

      I’m happy as long as Ratajkowski continues to think it’s a good career move to do most of her work topless .
      What a fantastic specimen. Hope she donates lots of eggs. Dem jewish skinny-big-boob genes.

  • FuckTheNUS

    Why am I paying for this shit from the NUS?

    Keep the beer cheap and hold universities to account over my tuition fee.

    That’s all 99.9% of us care about.

  • Michael Jackson

    Glad to see the NUS is as relevant as something really old fucking fashioned.

  • Balance

    Please put ‘rapey’ in quote marks, it is not a fact that it is ‘rapey’ and is, in fact, a highly contentious statement, far from the fact you appear to present it as. Bored of this uncritical reporting from the Tab.

  • Richard

    can someone please substantiate how the song is “rapey”
    The lyrics of the song are about a guy who meets a girl somewhere, presumably in a club, and attempts to convince her to cheat on her boyfriend with him.
    There is no reason to assume it’s to do with blurring consent. The subject of consent is not present in the song whatsoever.

    It’s like a bunch of women have seen the word “blurred” and thrown all their faculties of reasoning and logic out the window in a fit of hysteria.
    “the song is called blurred lines!!! they must be referring to consent. even though nothing of the sort is ever mentioned in the song, that’s the only thing “blurred lines” could possibly relate to!!”

    Furthermore does anyone notice how men simply don’t give a shit when men are “objectified” ?
    Pretty pathetic, to be honest.

    • Anonymous

      And the justification is “Well it doesn’t matter what it’s about, because what’s important is how people interpret it, and that’s damaging!”

      Not thinking for a second that the vast majority of people who interpret it ‘their’ way are in fact only doing so because there’s a vocal minority having a shitfit about it. Peer pressure is not absent from the feminist movement either.

  • Boring reporting, but c’mon don’t be stupid.

    “I know you want it”

    Not only a pretty classic rape-line justification, but pretty simply stating that he knows she wants his desperate cock more than perhaps she does.

  • Jeremy Clarkson

    What a load of fucking shite.

  • Scott

    What a load of sh**, its a good song, some people are just boring. I’m such they is a lot worse songs in the charts with worst lyrics from now and the past which are a hell of a lot worse!

  • Michael Adebolajo

    Surely the fact that Blurred Lines is not a very good song is enough reason to ban Blurred Lines from being played, without needing to bring feminism into it?

  • Anonymous

    Please ban the song, it’s utter shite!!

  • Anonymous

    If you weren’t a fat minger you wouldn’t have a problem with this song.

  • Your Ma

    Man the NUS really need to focus on things that students actually care about. I’m at Edinburgh and at no point was there a movement for the banning of this song before it happened. People really don’t actually care that much, nor do most people in nightclubs actually listen to the lyrics of the song. The Unions really should be trying to make life cheaper and more comfortable for students rather than running about on ill informed ideals of big words like Justice – get the beer prices right and the rest will follow