The bottom line: Airline offended by visible bum cheeks

Fresher left ‘distraught’ after airline forces her to take off her revealing hot pants in front of other passengers

When law student Alix Townsend set off for a holiday in Majorca last week in a summery outfit, the last thing she expected was to hit a bum note at the airport.

Unfortunately, check-in staff for Monarch airline did not approve of her rear-revealing attire, and demanded that she change her shorts before boarding the flight.

Shorts side by side

Shorts side by side

Bum cheek epidemic victim Alix, from  Lytham St Annes in Lancashire, was understandably ‘distraught’ at this display of posterior prejudice.

‘It was very embarrassing. I did not feel my outfit was inappropriate – there were other passengers in similar dress. When the supervisor told me to change rather rudely I was taken aback’.

Her ordeal did not end there, as airport staff insisted she change in the queue rather than hide her blushes in a toilet cubicle.

As a result, Miss Townsend was forced to rake through her carefully packed holiday suitcase and change out of her denim underwear in front of disgruntled onlookers.


In a statement lamenting her lost decorum, the student explains that the derriere detectives ‘had plenty of time to approach me while we were queuing. I could have gone away and changed, maintaining some dignity’.

Mr Townsend, father of the injured party, complained that ‘to single out my daughter for her attire is unacceptable. She was dressed appropriately. She was understandable distraught. Other passengers were dressed in a risqué manner but not told to change.’

Alix and friends during more carefree times

Alix and friends during more carefree times

A spokesperson from Monarch insists that there are no grounds for complaint, stating that ‘Miss Townsend was politely asked to change to comply with the airline’s dress policy’.

However, our unfortunate heroine will be glad to know that support is flooding in after her embarrassing episode – a facebook page entitled ‘Alix Townsend’ was set up within hours of the incident being made public. Perhaps she will be able to use her new found fame to raise awareness of the risks of a risqué rump.

A fellow victim

A fellow victim

  • Anonymous

    The overload in bum references shows the lack of quality, unsure why I ever click on the links, if I wanted poor lazy journalism I should just read the sun.

    • hopefully


    • Anonymous

      it’s jeanius

    • Not a Moron

      you do realise that “tab” is short for “tabloid” right?

      • #dench

        I think you’ll find it’s a play on “tabloid” and “tab”, a nickname for Cambridge students. Jus sayin x

  • Anonymous

    this has seriously been made into an article?

  • Wall-E

    Making her change in the queue is not on.

  • Mark E. Smith

    Sounds like borderline harrassment/voyeurism/humiliation, perhaps the journalist who wrote this piece could’ve left out the puns and not gone for the ‘tongue in cheek’ tone.

    • North

      hehehe tongue in cheek

  • Team Alix

    what kind of ridiculous logic calls her out for being ‘inappropriate’ then makes her get undressed in front of a queue full of strangers? What a wank policy. That said, the tone of this article is sexist – did you ask the lady in the last photo for permission to publish that photo, for example?

    • Wank policy


    • Erm

      She’s had herself photographed and published in the Daily Mail. Somehow I think she’ll survive the attention being given to her.

      • Missed the point

        The incident of her humiliated in public deserves attention – the sexism of the ‘journalist’ reporting it in the tab is the unwarranted bit.

  • Fudge McPatterson

    It’s a crime against huMANity to ask that girl to cover up.. These are the things eyes were meant to see!

  • looking for sex appeal on the tab

    let’s be honest, after reading the headline, none of us really expected a well thought out and informative article. If you did, you are either stupid or lying. We only clicked on the article in the hopes of seeing more pictures like the one displayed in the thumbnail and we were happily not disappointed.

  • anon

    can you do an article on me too? my yoo-hoo once got caught peeking out when i went commando. i can fill you in with the details

  • Rob Tyrrell

    She’s got a cracking rig though. Sure the air hostesses were just jealous

  • Ravi Dosanjh

    I’d still tap dat.

  • Ralph

    Her own fault, she shouldn’t dress like a hooker…

    • abby

      she’s allowed to dress however she wants to. if her shorts make her feel confident, then she has all the right in the world to wear them and she probably doesn’t care what anyone has to say about them. stop slut-shaming

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe for one second that she was forced to get changed in the queue. And I’m sorry but this whole having your arse hanging out of your shorts fad, is nothing short of disgusting. I don’t care what size you are, put it away, you slag. I’d have asked her to get changed too, or make other travel arrangements. Can’t believe her dad is protecting her say she was dressed appropriately – wonder who wins father of the year award for raising a tramp?!

    • timmytoodles

      who are you?!!

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly. Dress however you want in clubs etc., but people need to stop crying when they’re asked to change out of hooker clothes. The fact that this girl’s dad was even OK with her dressing like that just baffles me. If I had to sit on a seat after someone’s bare ass was on it, I’d be pretty mad at the airline.

      • big d

        i wouldn’t mind. wouldn’t even mind licking her a**

  • Black Label

    I would normally feel sorry for anyone I’d heard of that went through this unnecesary embarrasment. However it’s fairly clear from this article and its images that she is now just using it (IYKWIM) for attention.

    Also, Alix is definitely a pornstar name. Case closed.

  • Anonymous

    what kind of bellend repeatedly comes onto a website to read and then slag of the quality of the articles?

    • Clearly

      You’re new to the Tab; because this is what everyone does. If you’re coming onto the Tab for actual news, then you’re going to be disappointed.

  • Catherine B

    Serves her right

  • Oliver Exton


  • Anonymous

    Read the Sun then you fuck tard!

    • It’s one word

      Fucktard. Like that. It’s one my very favourite swears, please respect it.

  • whatajoke

    genuinely have no readers, so stick a half naked girl on here. she isn’t even that fit. what an absolute joke of a report. report something interesting rather than some dumb lawyer wannabe. thats a lesson to all those twats out there that think denim can be worn as underwear.

  • Prude in public

    Did she not just put clothes on top of the shorts whilst in the queue? therefore saving her further embarrassment when asked to dress more appropriately

  • asss hunter

    decent but not decent enough to catch my eye in any airport. Just saying…

  • Robert

    Can we blame the guys at airport for making her strip? Look at her! she’s a fifty. Who’s with me lads ?!

  • Anonymous

    “airport staff insisted she change in the queue rather than hide her blushes in a toilet cubicle”

    They couldn’t have forced her to change in the que.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, “law student”. Why is that not surprising?

  • Anon

    Completely agree with the request to make her change. “Shorts” like those should be displayed along with belts, not leg wear. Nobody needs to show that much flesh outside of the bedroom.

    • Ayman al-Zawahiri

      Dear Daily Mail reader; I quite agree. We’re very much alike, you and I

  • :)

    Airport workers who got her to strip = LADS ;)

  • Anonymous

    I am now dumber for having read the article and subsequent comments.

  • She

    doesn’t know how to spell Alex

  • Is anyone else

    wondering why she is sitting, broodingly, on a stool in the middle of a field?

    • A Sensitive Scholar

      I myself sit broodingly in fields, upon stools, stools or strapping young gentlemen named Ignacio, purely to engender and explore the interface between man’s spirituality and the natural world, much as Wordsworth would explore the fells with his secret lover Coleridge. I trust that “Alix” is conducting similar experiments with the artistic temperament, perhaps invoking the forbidden sexuality of Artemis in her sacred glade and casting the male internet user as a digital Actaeon. #deep

  • Good luck

    getting a job in law now. Wise move, babe.


    that PEOPLE have started to take the TAB so SERIOUSLY

  • McWrait

    He cant board that flight too.