So I showed Jay-Z round my local church

I didn’t really expect to meet the rap megastar during my summer holidays, but then he showed up outside my front door.

The cover for our inevitable collaborative album

The cover for our inevitable collaborative album

A couple of weeks ago, Jay-Z was headlining Wireless Festival, and while he was in the country he wanted to check out one of the original copies of the Magna Carta in Salisbury Cathedral, the basis for his new album Magna Carta….Holy Grail.

So he came down on a tourist trip to check out the document briefly, alongside which the album artwork was exclusively placed a few weeks ago. I thought I’d show him around the place.

Entering the building

Entering the building

He parked outside the house and knocked on the door, with his inner entourage which included a very tanned, jewellery-laden bodyguard, whose arms were twice the size of my face. Unfortunately Mrs. Carter did not make it but I passed on my regards.


In front of the artwork


The Magna Carta was of course signed in 1215 to limit the King of England’s power. I decided against discussing with Jay the possible similarities in his rap-game power perhaps not being what it once was.


Checking out his artwork yo

Salisbury Cathedral on a Sunday morning is your typical church scene – tables of tea and biscuits lined the cloisters as streams of Home Counties OAPs filed out of the morning service. All greeted the Cathedral’s Dean and Treasurer as we walked round, blanking the accompanying African-American save for the occasional intrigued glance, at the novelty of such a character in a Wiltshire cathedral.


Jay and his couple of friends took photos from every angle with the building, the original Magna Carta document and the artwork as they walked through as tourists.


Jay chats with some of the Cathedral choristers

Without resorting to “he’s just such a normal guy in real life!”, a few things did strike me:

• He was incredibly polite and humble.
• He is huge, probably about 6’4” at least.
• He was very cheerful and happy to pose for photos and chat about things, including the origin of Magna Carta, the idea for which he’s had for about two years he said, based on the link between it and his surname (Carter).


Admiring the water feature


Jay with the Cathedral choristers, who had just finished singing a service

It’s a bit strange being a middle-class, white Brit whose biggest experience of injustice is being ripped off by Ocado, to then (very briefly) hang out with a man who sold crack in Brooklyn from a young age to get by, and then shot his brother at the age of 12. And who has now met pretty much everyone and is known by pretty much everyone.


It was quite enjoyable, given how much we were in awe of him, that Jay and his cronies were in awe and appreciation of something we were associated with (the 800-year-old cathedral – I pretended I practically built it myself when with him).

After taking some more photos, Jigga said his goodbyes to Salisbury and drove back off to join Justin Timberlake and Rihanna on stage in Stratford.

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    This is a great piece it really puts into perspective that it doesn’t matter how rich or famous you are, everyone is still fascinated by a good water feature.

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