The best of ‘I need feminism because…’

They’re the whiteboards that have swept across campuses nationwide. The Tab picks out the best of the ‘I need feminism’ signs.

These whiteboards came alive on campuses across the UK this year as students scrawled their ‘I need feminism’ messages on them.

And almost all the resulting pictures went viral on Facebook as more students and societies joined the whiteboard movement.

Here The Tab picks out the best of the bunch from around the country.


From Cambridge…


From Bristol…


From Cambridge…we all love our grannies


From Leeds…and cleaning is shit in general


From Cambridge…it’s important to razor-wareness


From Bristol…


From Cambridge…


From Cambridge…


From Bristol…he couldn’t resist a bit of a boast


From Cambridge…The Tab’s favourite is cheese and pickle


From Cambridge…on the lottery of life


From Cambridge…invoking the spirit of Bey


From Leeds…


From Cambridge…or womaaan!


From Leeds…The Tab trying to be clever


From Oxford…getting to the point


From Leeds…whoever devised that work experience is barmy


From Leeds…


From Oxford…some signs are a little bolder than others


From Oxford…a message for Apple


From UEA…a nice literary take on things


From St Andrews…


From St Andrews…


From UEA…quite

Bristol pictures via Ellie Williams at The Tab Bristol.

Leeds pictures via LUU Feminism.

Cambridge pictures via CUSU Women’s Campaign.

Oxford pictures via WomCam.

St Andrews pictures via The Stand.

UEA pictures via UEA Feminism.

  • IAN

    A large percentage of these are retarded

    • Anonymous

      For one, on a majority basis, women don’t run the world.

      • Douglas

        On the ‘girls run the world’ point. Firstly, I thought feminism was against women being called ‘girls’ (or maybe that’s only when men say it). Secondly, she’s quite right: most nations are democracies in which the voter has the overall control of government policy. In almost all democratic nations, women have a clear majority vote over men. That is to say, the country is a matriarchy, controlled by the majority voter: women.

    • Mamie Juirhead

      They just need some D. #justthetip

      • Annie

        Well then, they need feminism so that they aren’t slut shamed for taking the D

  • Rebecca

    I need feminism because the tab secretly took a picture of my ass and published it online without me knowing.

    • Anonymous

      well you have a nice ass

    • Anonymous

      And so what? What if it was a guy’s ass? This is a privacy issue, not objectification or something that feminism is equipped to deal with.

      • Danny

        If it was a guy’s ass it’d be equally unacceptable, the problem is that entrenched patriarchal attitudes have normalised the female body solely as an object for male desire that a publication with The Tab sees no problem with an article objectifying women in this sense.

        That one isn’t made about men should be celebrated – and also make us pause to wonder why, and how society’s perceptions of the male and female body differ.

      • Cami

        ‘something that feminism is equipped to deal with’ – yo, don’t leave all the objectification slamming to feminism and those who identify more strongly as feminist, everyone should contribute!

      • Anonymous

        Whoever it is wasn’t concerned about privacy when they went in public like that. Clearly they know they have a nice ass and like showing it off.

    • Jesus

      You were in public, you don’t have the right to privacy, ask any photography student. How do you think gossip magazines have been getting away with it for all these years?

      • If only

        it were that simple. Ask any lawyer.

      • Boo Hiss

        You’re wrong. I suggest you ask a law student next time.

        • Anon

          Actually… I think you’ll find that anyone can take photographs or videos in a public place and of a public place without limitation or restriction, and publish them as they see fit – subject to child protection laws, defamation and libel laws, copyright laws, etc. Maybe you should consult a law student.

    • Anonymous

      What did you expect? if you are in a public place wearing that, someone can take a picture. They didn’t have your face attached

    • John

      Just because you don’t squat

  • Anonymous

    Equility; Women = Men
    Feminism; Women > Men

    • Anonymous

      feminism: women = men.
      Also learn to use punctuation properly.

      • Anonymous

        Or just write full sentences/

      • Anonymous

        I think you will find women = men = equality, we already have a word no need for feminism at all.

      • Anonymous

        No it doesn’t, I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t, if it did, then it wouldn’t have a clash with humanism. Feminism is a pressure group for women’s rights, it is not interested in anybody else’s rights, and will gladly tread all over them to make women’s lives easier.

        Which is exactly what women have been doing for hundred of years. Get with the fucking program. Women have always been protected and seen of as important, men have always been disposable.

        • Anonymous

          We may already have a word for equality but we definitely don’t have equality. That’s why we have feminism, to push women’s rights into the public eye of our patriarchal society to help achieve equality. Until women and men have equal rights, feminism will always be about fighting the subjugation of women but that is not the same as wanting women to be in a more powerful position then men.

          Bringing down patriarchy is not the same as bring down men. It is ridding society of a system that favors men purely because of their sex.

          Also what makes you think men have ever been seen as disposable and women important? Please explain that to me in the light of so many women who have been raped and abused and told by family, friends and colleagues to ‘brush it off’ as not ruin the life of the male aggressor over a ‘misunderstanding’. Are they’re lives and happiness not seen as disposable here to protect the important status of the man?

          • Douglas

            Oh, here we go, someone trying to bring in arguments from the flawed and discredited Patriarchy Theory to show how feminism really is needed – even in a society that has no legal discrimination against women but does have laws discriminating against men. In a society which concentrates on a couple of hundred top executive jobs for women while there are a third of a million more unemployed men that women. In a society where women control the majority vote yet have a Women’s Minister and several women’s groups in government while there is no Men’s minister or men’s groups in government. In a society that has better education for females at all levels yet concentrates on girl’s education and special programs for women in universities, with no specific help for boys or men. And all one woman has to worry about is how she feels walking into Ann Summers (does she think most men feel comfortable?)

            • Anonymous

              Douglas is my new demi god. You sir. Win

    • Danny

      I don’t think you understand what feminism is. Just a heads up, you’re not going to get an accurate definition by reading the Daily Mail.

    • Anonymous

      You seem to be mistaking misandry for feminism.

      • Jesus

        Feminism is no longer about equality. Its about demonising men with all manor of strange statistics and attempting to make men feel bad for being masculine. Here’s one for you, 80% of rapists come from single parent house holds in the USA, women single handedly bring up most rapists. Its great to see you are doing so well.

        • Anonymous

          Rubbish. Feminism has never been about demonising men it has been about fighting a society that still treats women as inferior, when they are clearly not. Consider the pay gap and the gender spheres that still exist in society. If these things could have gone away by themselves, they would have done by now. With feminist movements, these problems have been lessened but not eradicated. Feminism has meant progress, feminism has meant change. Do you think that women are inferior to men then?

          • LA

            The wage gap is a myth, mostly coming down to women’s own choices about the kind of work they do (less dangerous, and therefore less financial payment), how long (on average, women work for less hours each week than men). Entrepreneurial women still make less on average than men – not because of institutionalized patriarchy, but because their aims are often for comfort of lifestyle, environmental aims, having more free time etc, rather than a purely profit incentive that most men choose to look for. I suggest you look into the research done by Warren Farrell before you make ridiculous, unfounded claims – like the majority of ‘feminists’ do.

          • Anonymous

            Many women end up getting less pay, or being overlooked for promotion due to taking extended time off in order to raise their kids. So they have to deal with either less money, or being chastised for being a bad mother. Men don’t have that issue – it’s expected of them to earn money for their families – that’s their role. It’s therefore somewhat inevitable that they’ll earn more money on average than women.

      • MG

        Egalitarianism: Women = men
        Feminism: Women > men

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, I completely agree with you. There are too many ‘feminists’ who misunderstand the meaning of the equality that they are ‘fighting for’. Many want equal rights with men, but at the same time want men to whole a door for them, to have the maternity leave be longer than a paternity leave, etc., etc. Also many ‘feminists’ are okay with the objectification of men, but when something objectifies women then it’s ‘sexist’ and ‘bad’.

      • Anonymous


      • Sarah

        Why is it that whenever a debate about feminism comes up, some dickhead will always go “It’s terrible, I can’t even hold a door open for a woman now without her accusing me of sexism” or “Women want equal rights but still want doors held open for them!”
        What is this obsession with holding doors open? Is there a door openers support group? Can I join? Is it all the same men who complain about “friendzoning” and assume that being a ‘nice guy’ means that women are obliged to have sex with them?
        Just to make this clear to you, the poster of this comment.
        The rectification of the gender pay gap > man holding door open. That’s basically all you need to know about feminism, that’s what it means, the challenging of social wrongs towards women. And there are many. We’re not really bothered about the door thing.

        • LA

          As I posted above, the pay gap is a myth and down to women’s own lifestyle choices. Posters like this refer to holding a door open, but use it to symbolize all acts of chivalry – paying for dates for example – a vast majority of women are still offended if a man expects her to pay towards the date, despite equal earnings.

          • Sarah

            And my response is basically the same – an end to rape culture and everyday sexual harassment > getting my meal bought for me. I think if you asked most women “Would you rather never again have to literally fight a man off as he grabbed your arse so hard it left a bruise on a night out or split the bill at Pizza Express” they’d plump for the former.
            And the the gender pay gap is not a myth, just today a landmark court case was won by female classroom assistants who fought for 7 years to be on the same pay scale as their male counterparts.
            I don”t know your sex, but if you’re male and you’re still under the impression we don’t still live in a deeply sexist society, ask your mum, grandma, sister, aunt, girlfriend if they’ve ever experience sexism, particularly street harassment or workplace sexism. I can almost guarantee they will all tell you an unpleasant story and I hope it will change your tune.

  • Isaac Lewis

    I need feminism because I sell whiteboards.

  • Equality

    for men:

    woman = man

    for women:

    women > man

    • Cami

      Well done, you really know how to generalize a stereotype in your own head and make it apply to everyone even though it doesn’t. Bravo!

  • PunEnthusiast

    Excellent razor pun. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck cares, just make me a sandwich stupid woman

  • Sceptic

    “I need feminism because…Who run the world? GIRLS”

    I’m not sure if this is irony, or if the individual who wrote it doesn’t understand feminism.

  • Danny

    Massive respect to the Oxford strap-on dude. Takes guts to stand up and say something like that, all in all a surprisingly good piece from The Tab.

    • Anonymous

      takes real guts to develop your personal brand as an open minded + kinky FREAK

      • Anonymous

        Keep unthinkingly proppin’ up recieved notions of masculinity, bro.

  • Anonymous

    The ‘luxury’ item argument is rubbish, if it is coming from the taxing point of view then it’s giving a distorted view of the argument. Not only luxury items have VAT. Plus things such as clothes are considered ‘luxury’ items. I’m pretty sure clothes are not a luxury (obviously some are, but so would be a gold encrusted tampon) The labeling doesn’t make any difference.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but a box of Tampax is a fiver and quite frankly that’s dumb when without sanitary products women bleed fucking everywhere for a week a month. It’s metal as shit when you get up in the morning covered in your own blood and the first thing you think is “damn, gotta wash the sheets.”

      Condoms are avaliable for free in places and there are alternatives to sexual protection but there’s no option but to pay through the nose once a month if you’d rather not recreate the red sea in your underwear.

      • Anonymous

        yep the high price of tampons is probably motivated by hatred of women. shut the fuck up and move on

      • Anon Anon

        Moon cup. £25 investment, many years of environmentally sound period protection. Not suitable for all but bloody brilliant once you’ve got it working.

  • Kat

    I need feminism because I’m tired of grown men (supposedly) looking up in surprise when I beat them at pool and snooker because they’ve been too busy looking at my behind as I bend over to take a shot than watching the game!

    • Anonymous

      but it actually is surprising because on average girls are worse at pool. is your definition of surprise somehow unrelated to statistical entropy you absolute idiot?

      • Anonymous

        It shouldn’t be when we’re talking about pool at international level competitions! And I fail to see how the statistical probability of my winning any game has anything to do with lewd comments and gestures about my physical appearance you absolute troll.

        • Anonymous

          listen you profoundly moronic fuckwit, i was simply pointing out to you that men are probably surprised when they lose to you at pool because usually women arent very good at it. thats what surprise is. its got nothing to do with your sexist implications of the drivelling neardenthal of a straw man male that you love to hate

    • Anonymous

      Here’s a solution.. try playing different men. I’m sure you can find some men that can whoop your ass at pool/snooker without looking at it.

      • Anonymous

        There are plenty I have no doubt but it funny how they don’t let me pick my opponents at the World and European Championships!!!

        • Anonymous

          Isn’t there a women’s tour though? So if your opponents are female, I’m guessing its the referee making these remarks at you????

    • Anonymous

      If you try hard enough Kat I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find some men who can whoop your ass without wanting to look at it.

    • Pol Pot

      why would you need feminism?

      to combat physical attraction?!?

      of course women never check men out or fantasize, in fact they are perfect…..

      oh wait, women have much higher rates of infidelity never mind simple “checking out”.


      You mad.

  • s,j

    most of these are absolutely awful

  • Anonymous

    Err if I want to find your unshaven armpits unattractive, I’ll fine them unattractive thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Ive gotta say im loving the first one, but the armpits one is a little wrong. I mean if someone wanted me to shave I would have no problem with it, not being attracted to uinderarm hair isnt sexist

      • Anonymous

        You’re right. It isn’t sexist to not be attracted to underarm hair, however, it is sexist to believe that women should shave [and to put down those who don't] while men don’t have this expectation to shave shoved on them.

    • Troll

      how much is the fine?

    • Anonymous

      finding them unattractive is one thing – i find armpit hair on men unattractive. the difference is, if i asked a man to shave his armpits, i’d be laughed out of the room, whereas if he asked me to shave mine and i refused, i’d be treated as a freak.

  • JimboJames

    I would smash you…. at pool

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but women should know their place and men should know theirs. This whole patriarchy thing needs to maybe be ‘remodeled’ but the system in which the man brought home the ‘bacon’ (to put it in simple terms) has worked for generations. Women (and men) just need to learn to chill out and accept what they’re born with.

    • Anonymous

      It has worked for generations… for men. No wonder there are so many ridiculously narrow minded, offensive comments on this article – men are scared of their power being taken away.

      • LA

        Please look up girlwriteswhat on youtube – in particular her ‘fempocalypse’ video to really understand what ‘Anonymous’ was talking about. Please trust me in that it’s really worth a listen, and really makes you think.

    • Anonymous

      Considering we all have the same level of intelligence id hope everybody, regardless of what’s between their legs, gets to choose their own path in life.

      how boring and tiring is this argument. I write as a human being and not as a woman…

    • Anonymous

      Sad thing is you’ll probably become a politician.

  • The Bo$$

    I need feminism, because the women writing on these whiteboards deserve a proper education.

  • Anonymous

    With regards to the armpit one, no-one is saying you aren’t allowed armpit hair, which would be ‘unequal’. It is just that the majority of men (a fairly justified generalisation I think) will find you unattractive for not removing it, which IS OKAY if that’s what you want. It’s all about the choice.

    • Hollie

      The majority of men find underarm hair unattractive because they, as women have, have been brainwashed into thinking it’s unattractive because it doesn’t fit with the idealised image of a woman as groomed, delicate, and elegant which IS an issue feminism needs to address.

      • The Bo$$

        Actually, I think you have been brainwashed by the Feminist Brigade into thinking that the majority of men have been brainwashed.

      • Jimbo Jones Jr.

        No, I just don’t find it attractive. Body hair in general. So men like body hair, particularly pubic hair.

        So if a woman prefers a man who is tall or hairy or has another physical attribute it this also bad?

        Sexual attraction is natural and you cannot help it, you may as well be telling homosexuals they have been brainwashed into liking the same sex.

        Dumbass, find something that is actually are real issue to fight for, or moved to where feminism is actually needed, like Iran..

      • Jimbo Jones Jr.

        No, I just don’t find it attractive. Body hair in general. Some men like body hair, particularly pubic hair.

        So if a woman prefers a man who is tall or hairy or has another physical attribute it this also bad?

        Sexual attraction is natural and you cannot help it, you may as well be telling homosexuals they have been brainwashed into liking the same sex.

        Dumbass, find something that is actually are real issue to fight for, or move to where feminism is actually needed, like Iran.

      • Anonymous

        HOW are people voting this comment down?! It’s a fact!

      • Anonymous

        Some men like it, other don’t, attraction is natural. There is no issue to address. What next? A gay person finds the same sex attractive are they brainwashed too?

        Get over your silly fad.

      • Anonymous

        I consider myself a feminist, but in reply to your comment, there is also a very particular view on what an ideal guy should look like. So you can’t really say that it’s ‘unequal’ for men to objectify women, when plenty of women objectify men. Plenty of women don’t like big beards for instance, are you going to say that’s because they don’t like big beards, or is it because the prince charming ideal that they’ve grown up with never had a big beard?

      • Anonymous

        No, they find it unattractive because it’s unattractive. Unshaven = looks clean = looks attractive. Stop talking crap, please.

      • Anonymous

        Hollie, Hollie, Hollie dear. Bless you, bless your poor soul! I think you just need to put your feet up and relax in front of Gossip Girl or something and just leave it be. Nothing needs to be addressed as nothing will ever change unfortunately. When you finally get out of this feminist malarkey, which will bound to happen! Just concentrate on being a really lovely woman, who will undoubtedly find a wonderful handsome hubby. Then when the little ones come out screaming you can strive to be the best mum you can be! Your whole life is ahead of you :)

      • Anonymous

        So, what you’re saying is, you need feminism because you haven’t got the gumption to make your own decisions.

        If you don’t want to shave your armpits, don’t. Nobody is stopping you but you. If you want to change social norms, then start with number one, don’t act like men are somehow to blame through our male only orchestrated power systems- which btw, fuck over men, and then whine and bitch about how unfair it is. Just do it. I promise you I won’t give a shit. People respect people far more based on their own confidence on willpower than they do on how hairy their armpits are.

      • Sceptic

        What evidence do you have for the claim that men and women have been brainwashed? Have you considered that this “idealised image of a woman” may be a piece of super-stimuli made possible through humanity’s technological advancement? For instance, perhaps heterosexual men naturally find trimmed women more attractive because it’s a way of distinguishing men from women? (Men of course naturally tend to have much more body hair than women).
        Also, why is this an issue feminism needs to address?
        You make a lot of claims but offer no justification.

  • Kate trollus maximus Smith.

    Women are equal before the law, and have been for a while, only in some isolated aspects of society do we get gender inequality.

    often feminism means bias in favour of women or trying to make the sexes the same (when they are not, i’ve even had feminists say that the “girls” section of kids toys is some how inequality, forgetting of course there are toys aimed at boys and that both girls and boy play with toys aimed at any gender (me and my brother played with each others toys)) when really what people want is simple equality.

    Why bother calling it feminism at all, why not just say: “I’m for equality”?

    Calling it feminism is in itself trying to make a “ooo lookkk attt meeee paaaayy attteennttiooon to meeeeeeeee!!!” sought of statement.

    Im for equality, for everyone.

  • Jimbo Jones Jr.

    “im not a slut, Im a player god damn it”

    Good luck with all your goals for a happy life, sloots gon sloot;- good for a bang, but a long term relationship?

    No thanks jeff, I prefer to be certain my child will be mine.

    Goodnight sweet princess.

  • Anonymous

    No this is the most cringe worthy, 1st year student,

    “So… results were obtained today, to say the least i am more than ecstatic. I would just like to spend this time to thank those close to my heart, firstly…
    Mumma W: I couldn’t have done this without you, you have been my rock… I love you.
    Papa W: You’ve supported me throughout this year so much, your words of wisdom have inspired me greatly… you are my hero.
    Russ Russ: Wow, just wow, there’s not enough words in the dictionary to explain my feelings towards you.
    Trizzy D: Your such a talented young man and I will always be there for you, your my blood.
    Sarz n Emz: I know we’ve had our difference but you’ll always be ma bitches through thick and thin.
    Will “the nippster” C: Your the light of my world, your the sister I’ve never had, your the wind beneath my wings and we’ve shared intimate thoughts and feelings.

    Stay classy B’ham, see you next year xox — feeling safe.”

  • Anonymous

    Don’t think the second to last one’s thought it through. It’s considered offensive precisely because it is gendered. Also there are far more offensive words, again because they’re considered to marginalise certain groups.

  • Nathan

    “How can I hate women, my mum’s one” Chris Finch.

  • Anonymous

    what a bunch of useless crap. stop whining, man the hell up, and live your life. a sign makes sod all difference, and if you want to look like a munter/gorilla with your underarm hair, go right ahead.

    now on the count of 3, all rise up and burn your bras.

    jeez. feminists piss me off. if they didn’t whine all the time about how women are unequal to men, and instead took steps to rectify that (surgical penis?), then the world would be a much better place. useless twazzocks.

  • Johnny

    Second to last hasn’t thought it through. It’s considered offensive precisely because it’s gendered. Also there are far more offensive words, again because they marginalise one group or another.

  • Anonymous

    I am frankly disgusted at a lot of these comments.

  • Skint

    I need feminism because drinks cost money

  • Anonymous

    Is the Ann Summers one a feminist issue? You’d hardly see a guy stride proudly into a local Fleshlight boutique, if such a thing existed.

  • Anonymous

    I need feminism because it’d be nice for a woman to do some heavy lifting every once in a while. Slackers.

  • Anonymous

    The first girl just screams out ‘SLUT’

  • Jack #playa

    Shave your pits love

  • Anonymous

    “I need feminism because i’m not a ‘slut’ i’m a player” nah you’re a slut.
    Oxford Dictionary:
    1a woman who has many casual sexual partners.

    The oxford dictionary is more important than feminism

  • Anonymous


  • Literally Hitler

    These surely can’t be the best of these. Half of them have nothing even to do with needing Feminism. Some are just completely irrelevant statements that are of little interest (What does your gran being awesome have to do with anything), some are just from people who haven’t learnt to function as independent human beings yet (we all need to cook and clean, very few of us are good at them without practice or tuition. I don’t know how you think Feminism is going to help you with that unless you want some excuse to be lazy), some are just attacking other people’s personal preference (You can grow armpit hair, but I don’t have to find it attractive. My girlfriend doesn’t find facial hair attractive and in my effort to stay attractive to her I will not grow any).

    As far as the strapon one is concerned, the dude just needs to realise that no-one else defines his own brand of masculinity (not even Feminism).

    There’s no doubt Patriarchy exists as its dictionary definition, but the existence of ‘Patriarchy’ as a systematic machine of misogyny and all things wrong with this Earth is dubious.

    Tampons seem a fair enough point. It does seem a bit frustrating that things we can’t particularly choose not to buy such as tampons and toothpaste and the like are taxed. No-one enjoys that.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t need feminism because no form of segregation leads to equality

  • Anonymous

    Lovin’ how there’s pole dancing in the background of Jack on the UEA one. LOL.

  • Anonymous

    it’s sad that the most intelligent students in the world still manage to parrot daily mail ideas when commenting on here

  • Sarah

    I need feminism because of The Tab and The Tab comments section.

  • Anonymous

    I need feminism because the tab considers hounding girls’ arses at a festival to equate to journalism.

  • Feministsneedaslap

    1. Schlaaaag.
    2. I doubt it.
    3. Fag.
    4. Sort your face out.
    5. UGH!!!!
    6. Boo fucking hoo.
    7. Frodo??
    8. No boners around you luv.
    9. Even faggier.
    10. Whipped.

    Fucking hell. This is “the best”?

  • Beatrice_Wankmeister

    Wow. A lot of idiots desperately (and rather pathetically) trying to be funny in the comments today. I’m offended by reading your drivel, not just because it’s misogynistic tripe, but more because it’s so fucking tedious.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe people that are university educated are so ignorant when it comes to feminism, these misogynistic comments are about fifty years out of date and I’m struggling to understand why anyone STILL thinks ‘go and make me a sandwich’ is funny.

  • JPS

    Feminists go on about the gender pay gap and its a load of bollocks for the following reasons:
    1) Women work on average less hours than men per day
    2) Choose jobs that are less risky, have more comfortable conditions and regular hours and so on average are the jobs that are less well paid
    3)Have babies – if a man and woman at a company join at the same time in the same job and the woman takes half a year out 5 years down the line and the man then gets promoted he is naturally gonna get paid more and progress through the company further


  • Anonymous

    where is the imperial quotes…?? would be a good read

  • nou

    Hey, necessities being taxed as luxury is a reasonable issue. Feeling unsafe to be outside at night because you’re a woman is a HUGE ISSUE.
    The rest of these are a fucking joke, though.

  • Kazhdan Lusztig

    Some of this is a load of shit, if walking into Ann Summers is what you’re worrying about then you’ve got problems!
    Go to Iran, or any other country where there is MAJOR sexism, and then come back and moan about your problems and I’ll listen to you.

  • Not a moronic idiot

    Feminism is an idea that you can reach gender equality solely by focusing on the issues of one gender. I understand some things do need to be changed; Women feeling unsafe at night time is an example, at the same time there are other issues which are hugely unfair against men. An example being the bias against men in divorce settlements in a court of law. Most of the things mentioned on the white boards are non issues.

    How about we give up this ridiculous feminist nonsense and start concentrating on GENDER EQUALITY?

  • Anonymous

    Can someone explain the second picture to me? How is guys saying to her she looks hot when she makes an effort sexist? Girls say the same thing to guys all the time

  • .


  • GeaVox

    I need feminism because one rape is one too many!