Thatcher’s death cheered at NUS national conference

Delegates applauded after former Prime Mininster’s death

The news of Margaret Thatcher’s death was greeted with cheers and applause at the National Union of Students’ (NUS) national conference this afternoon.

According to reports from the hall in Sheffield, in an introductory greeting to the conference, a woman on stage said: “This is a day I’ll never forget. For those of you who’ve seen the news, you’ll know what I mean.”

Margaret Thatcher died today after a stroke

Cheering and applause reportedly followed from “around 30 or 40 people.”

Loughborough student Jago Pearson, who is at the conference, told The Tab: “There was a significant reaction to it [the news of Thatcher's death] I’d say it was around 30 or 40 people doing it.

“This didn’t come from the NUS leadership, it was the delegates.”

An NUS spokesman denied Thatcher’s death had been mentioned on the conference floor.

Students reacted on Twitter:

Speaking at the conference later in the day, NUS President Liam Burns moved to distance the Union from the cheering. He said:

“Following misrepresentations on Twitter, I feel that I have to respond to Margaret Thatcher’s death.

“Now, let me be clear, I’m the last person to agree with Margaret Thatcher’s politics or her policy record as prime minister. But we must not forget that an elderly woman has just died. She had family, friends, colleagues and supporters who will want to pay their respects at this time, and the media and public debate will now be dominated by this unexpected news.

“It’s not just that this would reflect extremely badly upon us if we were to show disrespect at this time. We are better than that. We believe there is such thing as humanity. There is such a thing as sensitivity. And there is such a thing as respect. I ask you all to think very carefully indeed about how you respond to this news as conference continues.”

  • Alex

    This is absolutely vile. Those who applauded should resign. Whatever you think of her, she was a person, and more than that she was elected over and over again.

  • Southerner

    those oiks must be state-educated Northerners, arguably the worst sort of people.

  • Emma

    regardless of who she was or what she did, Margaret Thatcher was still a human being with friends and family who will be stricken with grief. For the NUS to cheer for someones death? I’m appauled. Makes me question the maturity, compassion and morals of those who are supposed to represent us.

  • Mark Dragilocevic

    The NUS is an irrelevant band of fools and does not represent Britain’s students. It only serves to further the careers of New Labour wannabe MPs and far-left, militant cretins.

    It’s time students across Britain cancelled their NUS Cards, lobbied their unions to remove their affiliations from the NUS and consign the NUS to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

  • Harold Wilkinson

    What a bunch of tossers.

  • David Cameron


    • Tony Blair

      I think they’re okay.

      • Anonymous

        Not really what Tony Blair would say- he loved Thatcher.

  • Anonymous

    What I would say is that, though I didn’t personally applaud the death of Thatcher, I think that the destruction she caused in communities and the relish with which she carried out her cruel policies means no one should be outraged by such reactions. Plus, were you really surprised? You know how much certain sections of society hated her- they were hardly going to stand by respectfully.

    I would hasten to add though that the celebrations are futile- Cameron’s government is inflicting the same pain on the same sections of society.