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Friend first, boss second: Unemployed grad channels Brent for job

Be careful because there is always someone ready to step into your shoes and do your job better than you do it

New security precautions are being taken by Nos Boss

No laughing matter: Nitrous Oxide suppliers attacked with baseball bats in turf war

Innocent drivers assaulted by men in masks


Let it go: Girl distraught after her frozen rabbit’s ears drop off

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears


Lock-In all the student discounts in Northampton

The Student Lock-In is coming to Grosvenor Shopping Centre on Wednesday October 1st between 6.30pm and 8.30pm


Find out why you should do a Masters at this free London event

Over £1 million in scholarships available to attendees of the QS World Grad School Tour’s London event

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You’ve got a 25 per cent chance of living with your parents when you’re 34

You’ve got a fit mum though so that’s okay


I’m the only male Ann Summers’ employee in the North East

You need a rampant rabbit? You come to me


A venomous spider bit me in halls and now I’m scared to sleep

Fresher survives poisonous spider attack


I’m selling my jewel-encrusted Mercedes for the Manchester Dogs’ Home

And what?


Edinburgh rugby players chant rape jokes at female students

The President has already apologised


This guy recorded himself pulling 30 girls in a night…and sent the video to all his friends

Look out for the sinister eye contact

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New name for Met…same shoddy reputation

They did get some praise for ‘film-making’

Might have graduated - still not good enough apparently...

Will your uni get you a job?

The Sunday Times tells you how good your university is and how happy you are

Alice and Sophie

These sisters are going to lecture boys about giving orgasms

They’re a bit condescending


Bumbling St. Andrews captain calls Paxo a whore

Potty mouth docked five points for expletive while whole team lose pride over dodgy red gowns