Want a complimentary copy of Microsoft Office?

It’s easy to get and your uni probably never told you

Strike featured image

No homework: Lecturers strike next week

What the hell is a pig in a poke?


VIDEO: Digital artists create work inspired by brand new Lexus NX

Striking new car design is the inspiration behind breath-taking digital kaleidoscope

Rave knitting 1

Rave Knitting: It sounds weird but we’ve done it and it felt good

Joe Goddard from The 2 Bears says it’s the funniest thing since Vic and Bob


How to handle your reading list and save a load of money

Swap heavy textbooks and library fines for discounted e-books and online price checking thanks to Blackwell’s


Here’s the best stuff you missed at the Next Level party

If you weren’t there, why not?

Signs like this are on the wall at Birmingham uni

Hands off my predrinks: Miserable unions enforce breathalyser tests on the door

They’ve declared war on fun


Stop lying about doing an all-nighter

You were just taking selfies in the library all night and we both know it


Who are the people paying to see Made in Chelsea in nightclubs?

Some do pull them, to be fair

Meningitis featured image

Freshers warned of new Meningitis health scare

No snogging

Studious: Ruby has it cut out to mix uni, modelling and baking

Stop lying about how much work you do…we know

Just another all-nighter in the library


Take our citizenship test for students

Are you British enough to serve your country?

13895704055_ae04bbfb5d_o (1)

Union busybodies colluding with uni officials to stifle student papers

They’re censoring embarrassing stories as well


One lucky reader will win £3000 with Amazon Student

Five students have already won enough money to cover a term’s tuition fees, and you could be next