Styled by: Toby
Toby’s preferred style on girls: Sporty and casual (top with leggings)
Toby’s favourite makeup trend: Natural, only mascara and lip gloss

Ever wondered what would happen if you let a boy dress you for a night out?

Well we went out and found out for you


This wild guy wants you to cook using your car engine

Because kitchens are just so mainstream

Autumnal Meadows: A fashion shoot

As autumn turns to winter, wrap yourself up in soft furs, thick wools, and sumptuous velvets


Confirmed: Listening to music while you work makes you less productive

Which is annoying

condom gang fb

Strap yourselves together: It’s seven legged this Monday

Need some inspiration for Monday night?

robert goodwin fb

Welcome, and… you’re fired: Liverpool grad not sweet enough for Lord Sugar

Robert Goodwin was axed for being ‘a bottler’


Nobody cares what you think

In this week’s column, MILO EDWARDS doesn’t care what you think

central teacing hub

Professor gives CPR following ‘serious medical emergency’ in lecture theatre

Witnesses in Central Teaching Hub say lecturer was left shaken


The girl’s guide to male grooming

Sit back, relax, and take note: you’re in good (and soft) hands


This guy got the quadratic formula tattooed on his bum

It didn’t make him any better at maths

fb gym

‘Warwick Sport is making poorer students fat’ – Massive price hike means we might all get bigger

Cost of club membership and facilities is up 60%.


I ate out of bins for a week

And I didn’t die


Embrace your inner entrepreneur: Become an Alibi brand ambassador

Join the Alibi team and never be thirsty again


Hero warden makes sure freshers aren’t buying bad MD

‘Don’t buy any drugs from the man outside Basement 45′