I was raped at Oxford University and police pressured me into dropping charges

The criminal justice system, not women’s drinking, is to blame for low conviction rates says one student


Incoming students ‘buzzing’ as unis continue to book tragic freshers’ week acts

SUs are giving us a throwback to 2007, with Basshunter and Scouting for Girls headlining freshers’ events nationwide


Ex-public schoolboy in court accused of attempted rape of old classmate

Archie Reed faces allegations that he tried to rape a London student in her uni halls

Kilimanjaro is a popular destination for student travellers

Students heartbroken as Kili climb cancelled

Students and charities lose thousands of pounds as travel company goes bust minutes before flights to Africa were set to leave


Should we feel sorry for the BNP’s next big thing?

No, no we shouldn’t


Table hopping is back

And it’s more wanky than it was in the noughties

Mary called her attacker a coward

Carnival pervert punches girl in the face after she complains about him groping her

Leeds student assaulted at Notting Hill Carnival left with horrific injuries

Many students were left with the bill

‘Too good to be true’: students mugged off in mobile phone scam

Advertised as ‘this isn’t some sort of shifty deal’, mobile phone scam turns out to be some sort of shifty deal

Hogwarts rejection letter

UCAS Hogwarts rejection revealed to be a hoax

A Twitter prankster is ‘rejected’ from Hogwarts, despite top marks in waving a stick about


These students got firsts in their degrees

They’re all pretty fit too


Possibly the sweetest job on campus: Become a Propercorn student ambassador

You’re going to be swimming in boxes of popcorn for the rest of the year.

Dave with cheese

Victims of burger-lary: house falls foul of ravenous thugs

Greedy drunken kids break, enter, and eat


Jack Renshaw: People spit at me in the street

BNP poster boy still hates militant homosexuals, so it’s hardly a surprise


I sell my used underwear on Twitter

This Leeds student is shipping semen stained boxers to strangers from the internet


Piss, puke and pigs: What do you regret most about your time at uni?

We spoke to some of London’s wildest characters about the things they wish they hadn’t done

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