Piss, puke and pigs: What do you regret most about your time at uni?

We spoke to some of London’s wildest characters about the things they wish they hadn’t done

Dave with cheese

Victims of burger-lary: house falls foul of ravenous thugs

Greedy drunken kids break, enter, and eat


Jack Renshaw: People spit at me in the street

BNP poster boy still hates militant homosexuals, so it’s hardly a surprise


I sell my used underwear on Twitter

This Leeds student is shipping semen stained boxers to strangers from the internet


What your condom says about you

Heeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!

The sort of mayhem Roehampton freshers can expect

Colossus of fun: Roehampton rent Thorpe Park for Freshers’ Week

Prepare to get wet


These people didn’t even go to uni, and they’re STILL more successful than you

Why PAY nine grand a year when you can EARN nine grand a year?


We got a 16 year old to ask his mates what they think uni is like

Sorry kids, it’s not all shagging in hot tubs


Jobless grad scores interviews after standing in Waterloo Station for 10 minutes

Coventry grad goes underground to find job interviews


Warwick student’s organ transplant hell continues as ‘Perfect Match’ mum denied entry visa

A Warwick student’s mum who needs to donate a kidney to her ill son has been denied a temporary visa


No glove no love: A quarter of women think cling film is acceptable contraception

Mate, have you got any spare plastic bags? Survey reveals unbelievable contraception habits


Unis told to prepare for Ebola

Vice Chancellors have been alerted about what to do if Ebola infects your campus


We asked a load of Spaniards what they think of Brits abroad

So apparently…we drink too much?


This is why you have weird lucid dreams after a festival

It’s all because of science


Joyless bores force uni to ban SU ‘Get Brained’ clubnight

SU night is not very clever, say killjoys

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