The 6am sober rave is not as lame as it sounds

The rave-olution will not be televised, but we’ve managed to embed a video of it


Video: Have you eaten your kebab through the box yet?

This guy has


Police crack down on laughing gas in 1,200-container ‘haul’

Yes, really


‘It’s like a sexuality’: These students dress up as giant animals, but want to show ‘furries’ are people too

Don’t act like you’re not curious

Guess which show this is the promo flyer for

‘Two Girls, One Cup: The musical’ and other Edinburgh festival highlights

Max ‘quite funny’ Dickins lists his must see events at this year’s festival

Driver cleared of killing Aston student after suffering epileptic fit at the wheel

Chloe Adkins was hit on the busy Hagley Road in January 2013

People didn't know whether to laugh or cry

Trent student’s hilarious graduation fall shows why you should always wear sensible shoes

She must be wishing she’d worn flats instead…


Can you help find missing Nottingham student Tom Nixon?

Nottingham law student has not been seen since Thursday


Man who swallowed two goldfish for NekNomination video fined £800

Although the goldfish survived his NekNominate stunt, a Lowestoft man has been fined and banned from keeping any animals for a year


Tab Top 20: These students are already more successful than you

‘I’ve graduated, I’ve achieved so much’. Yeah? Have you?


Oxford acapella group’s Shakira mash-up gets tweet of approval from the lady herself

Oxford based singing group record charity single and get tweeted by Shakira


Victory for the pirates: Streaming and downloading ‘decriminalised’

Government backs down on stricter internet piracy laws in favour of sending letters and taking no further action


Old school: What universities used to look like

How your uni used to look back in the days of hairspray and cat eye sunnies (or suits of armor if you go to Oxbridge)


Suspended Birmingham protester attacks uni ‘bullies’

Simon Furse suspended for nine months despite hearing panel admitting he wasn’t present at protest


The McGangbang and the Butterbeer Frappuccino: The Tab tries secret menus

I took some of McDonald’s and Starbucks’ best secret menu items and gave them a go (and made up my own for a greasy chicken shop)