How to make an Easter egg that’s not completely disappointing

Easter eggs are boring, and they need spicing up. Here’s a few ways to make Easter Sunday less disappointing,


Celebrating 4/20 in style: how to observe the biggest date in a weed smoker’s calendar

Every stoner’s favourite holiday falls on Easter Sunday this year, so you can light up a fat one and munch on some Easter eggs!


The rise of revenge porn: Could your intimate photos be splashed all over the internet?

The next time you send nudes, beware. They just might end up on one of the growing number of revenge porn sites in the UK


The weirdest research projects at our unis

Batman’s wings, Bond’s cocktails, and the five second rule. This is the research your money is being spent on…


‘It’s about love, not sex’: the rise of ‘polyamory’, where you have more than one sexual partner

From excellent time-management to rigorous sexual health check-ups, there’s more to being a poly student than you would first expect.


Marking boycott postponed after uni chiefs make last minute pay offer

Strike action delayed until 6th May – but only while staff consider 2% pay rise

There's nothing 'Standard' about this hat...

The sun’s out and you look foolish: It’s time to bin the beanie

Originally designed to protect our heads from intensely cold weather, the beanie is now being misappropriated by try-hard losers with dodgy lids


Monologues in lectures and meaningless hashtags: how to be a student activist

Want to fill your days with angry political screaming matches? Or just get in with the fist-shaking crowd?


You are 100 times more likely to get into Oxford if your name is Eleanor than if it is Jade

Study finds having a name like Shannon and Bradley makes you much less likely to go to Oxford.


Is your prof up for it? One in five students have had “sexual contact” with their lecturer

Ever wish you had the chance to flirt with that fit lecturer on your course? Some students have actually done it.


More bad news for students: graduate starting salaries are getting WORSE

As well as having to cope with sky-high fees, graduates are now paid LESS than they would have been seven years ago

Will Jellis, pictured on the left, often supports feminist causes, identifying his single mother who is passionately feminist as a key influence in his life.

Can men REALLY be feminists?

Boys say leave the Lad Bible alone – it’s those scary man-hating feminists that put them off. They can’t be right, surely…


Marking boycott could lead to MORE cancelled lectures as unis dock staff pay

Unions accuse universities of bullying as students face knock-on effect on graduation


The UK uni hipster machine: where did they all come from?!

In order to begin the battle against the hipsters, you have to be able to first identify their different breeds. Don’t worry, it’s as easy as coming across creepy in a club


Meet Ben Allinson-Davies, the British student interrogated for his support of the Free Syrian Army

This is Ben, he’s a student and he’s embroiled in the Syrian conflict


QUIZ: Guess the celeb at uni

Can you name the celebrity from their uni pictures?